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Venue management

The services offered by the service can be divided into two primary areas.

  • Consultancy for developers/investors who are interested in building social, multifunctional, conference or congress spaces in their properties.
  • Operation and commercial representation of social, multifunctional, conference and congress centers.

GUARANT International has worked/is working on various projects within its Venue Management division.

Cubex Centrum Prague, – one of the largest and most modern multifunctional centers in Prague, the total area is 4500 m2, capacity up to 1200 people, we have been working with the developer S+B Gruppe since the first drawing of the project.

Conference Centre City – a medium-sized conference center that can be considered “value for money”, the total capacity is 470 people, the original owner of the property, PPF RE, approached us with an offer to take over the center and operate it.

Kaiserštejnský palace – a historic building on Malostranské náměstí, which we operated for a long time, the palace was sold in 2022 and the new owner runs the palace independently.

In the past, we also cooperated with the Professional House and the Velkopřerovský Palace, helping them with their business representation. However, both spaces have a different focus than commercial operation, cooperation was muted in the past.

At the same time, we were consultants for the projects of J&T Real Estate, a.s. and Bestsport, a.s.

We currently operate the Conference Centre City.

The Venue Management website is under construction.

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