hybrid solution

Hybrid events are ideal when some participants cannot attend a face-to-face event, but you still want to give them the opportunity to join a conference, meeting or other event. This is an event where a smaller group of participants meet live and the larger part joins virtually. This model can be used for all types of events – conferences, congresses, company presentations,  discussions etc.

By expanding your conference or other event with interactive live broadcasts, you will reach a wider audience and involve more participants in the event. Forget just broadcasting. Hybrid events are events where participants need to be involved. The combination of virtual elements with live events opens up a lot of opportunities. Take advantage of interactive functions.

Benefits of a hybrid event:

  • Increasing the reach and number of participants
  • Obtaining overviews of the event (exact number of participants, involvement in Q&A, evaluation, measuring interaction, etc.)
  • Increased involvement of participants
  • Flexibility
  • Cost reduction for all parties
  • Reduction of environmental impacts

virtual solution

The success of our virtual events builds on a well-defined strategy, which is complemented by engaging content, interactive features and everything is supported by professional technology. With us, your virtual event will be an extraordinary experience, thanks to which you will get the opportunity to establish contacts and expand new knowledge in the online environment.

As part of the virtual event, you will receive a complete package of services, which may include:

  • Virtual event branding (background colors, logo and other elements that will strengthen your brand)
  • Organization of plenary sessions, panel discussions, lectures, webinars and other events
  • Pre-event testing, training and practice for lecturers
  • Technical support throughout the event
  • E-mail communication with participants and lecturers
  • Own online registration system for participants
  • Interactive functions during the event (chats, forums, discussions, quizzes, voting, Q&A, gamification, social networks, etc.)
  • Virtual exhibition
  • Providing a physical virtual studio from which the lecturers will present
  • Event recording
  • Report