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We are all part of the problem. Our society is becoming more Eco-friendly.

Each individual in our society, and society as a whole, has a wide range of opportunities within the impact of our behavior on the world. At GUARANT International, we are committed to contributing to the sustainability of our planet.

At GUARANT International, we act to create a more sustainable and better shared future for current and future generations. We strive for sustainability within our internal events, office operations, but we also try to transfer a positive relationship to the environment and sustainability to the organization of congresses and conferences. We open up this topic with clients and offer options to make every event sustainable.


We save water

We have a reduced water flow on our toilets.

We’re recycling

There are waste sorting bins on our premises, including electrical waste.

We support online meetings

Reducing the carbon footprint with fewer business trips for clients.

Sustainable offices

The building in which we are based meets the elements of sustainability.

We drink drinking water

We offer drinking water from taps and barrels to our employees and visitors. We do not offer pet bottles.

Distributed bottles to participants
0 +
Organized runs at conferences in the Czech Republic and abroad
Distributed recyclable bags at conferences
0 +


A sustainable venue

We select suitable venues that are committed to sustainability and offer, for example, water fountains, local catering, etc.

Paperless conference

We limit prints. We only print a small pocket program. Participants can find the detailed program including other information in the mobile application and on the event website.

Use of recyclable materials

We select bags, pencils, badge lanyards and other promotional materials from recyclable and ecological materials.

We take care of delegates

As part of congresses, we prepare runs, provide barrier-free accommodation, and give participants bottles to drink.

Local catering

As part of catering at events, we try to avoid food waste, we support local suppliers and raw materials.

We support public transport

We recommend that participants use buses, trains, if possible instead of airplanes for transportation to conferences. We recommend traveling around the city at the conference location by bicycle and public transport (we provide free public transport) – we reduce the number of taxi services used.