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We have our own department of experienced specialists who are ready to handle all the requirements of clients and participants.

We provide registration and accommodation of participants and their check-in on site. We mediate all communication with participants – especially email, telephone and personal at the venue. We issue invitation letters for the purpose of obtaining visas. We process and record payments, we send tax documents. We provide printing of name tags and congress materials. And last but not least, we coordinate the registration on site and are responsible for its smooth running.

registration application

To make everything run smoothly, we have been using and constantly developing our own registration application for almost 20 years, which helps us handle all these requirements. Thanks to it, we can also prepare tailor-made solutions if the event has some specifics. We can handle different VAT rates, payment in different currencies, reporting or group registrations.

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Processed transactions per year
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Currencies for online payment

benefits for participants

The vast majority of participants come into contact with the application when registering for the event. We try to make the whole process of collecting the registration fee and paying it clear and understandable and simple for participants.

And what main services are waiting for the participants in the application?

  • Collection of registration fee and its payment
  • Accomodation reservation
  • Payment of membership fee within the association