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16th International Symposium on IgA Nephropathy

Client: Czech Nephrological Society


The 16th International Symposium on IgANephropathy (International IgA Nephropathy Network) took place on September 21-23 in Prague. This conference is held every three years and brings together experts from the world for a specific kidney disease called IgA Nephropathy or Berger’s disease.

Our biggest challenge in organizing this event was to completely switch from a face-to-face conference to a virtual one, as the pandemic situation did not allow for a live meeting. The main requirement of the client was an interactive conference so that individual experts could share knowledge. How did we do this task?

„Plenary sessions were very interesting, updated, and given by the best experts in the area. The final discussion was great, Oral communication was original and dynamic“ participant of the conference

Countries represented


As we mentioned above, the decision to move the conference to a virtual form was made well in advance and so we were able to meet the individual requirements of the client in advance. The entire conference took place on the gCon virtual platform. Several participants praised the course and decline of the individual pre-recorded plenary sessions, which dealt with various topics from IgA nephropathy. Lectures on the future of treatment for this disease were among the most popular.

The individual lectures were complemented by panel discussions, where participants could ask various questions in the field of nephropathy. Interestingly, these discussions took place in written form. The three-day program was also enriched with the so-called Industry Symposium, where individual sponsors had the opportunity to present/educate participants about news in the field of nephropathy.

The busy program was supplemented by the so-called Interactive Poster Sessions, which were a combination of pre-recordings and live discussions. There were also panel discussions of experts on the chosen topic. Patients from all over the world were invited to one of the discussions, who presented their experiences with the disease and experts asked them selected questions.

Thanks to the variations and interactions of the program, we were able to meet the client’s expectations, as evidenced by positive references not only from the client but also from the participants. The cooperation with CzechTourism also contributed to the overall positive evaluation, thanks to which the conference was managed at a high level.

Although most of the conference was in the style of pre-recorded lectures, the announcement of the awards and individual discussions were already alive. In addition to mailing, the advertising and marketing itself also took place via social networks, specifically Twitter and Facebook, when, as is customary at professional conferences, promotion on Twitter dominated the most.


Despite the global pandemic, which is plaguing the world, the IIGANN conference turned out well, as evidenced by a large number of participants 269. The largest representation was already traditional participants from the United States, closely followed by China, the United Kingdom, Japan, and Switzerland. A total of 29 countries from all over the world took part.

Participants left full of new information, while those who did not catch everything can view the presented content up to 6 weeks after the conference.

  • Interactive poster sections
  • Interesting panel lectures, followed by Q&A
  • Industry symposiums