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Advance Care Planning International Digital Exchange

Client: Advance Care Planning international (ACP-i)


At the end of May, we were approached with a request to hold a virtual conference for Advance Care Planning international (ACP-i). ACP-i is engaged in education in the care of persons who will not be able to take care of themselves in the future (elderly, ailing persons). The assignment for the congress was to connect specialists and students from all over the world, to create a website and entire graphics for the event (a logo, banners, etc.).



After having analysed the received assignment and the defined goals from the client, we recommended the 3D lobby GI VEE and the ZOOM platform.

Virtual 3D Lobby: The participants entered the 3D virtual lobby on the premises of our company. There was a navigation panel in the lobby which directed them to the rooms, the virtual lounge or to the social wall.

AV team: Before the event, an AV team was available to the speakers to help them record the lectures. Support was available to the speakers and participants throughout the event. The team helped them to stream the sessions during the congress.

The Program: The ACP-i had an excellent panel of 24 speakers and 6 chairs. A total of 21 lectures were presented within two days. The individual units were followed by live discussions and break out discussions (the participants were divided into groups of 8). Live and virtual presentations were streamed to a virtual audience via the ZOOM platform.

Interactive activities: Despite a lower budget, several interactive features were used. Q&A, social wall and virtual lounge functions were available to the participants throughout the event.

Social Wall – To support interactivity between the participants, a social wall was created by means of the Kudoboard application. Participants and speakers posted information (videos, photos) related to the topics. 

Virtual Lounge – Chat rooms via the platform have proven to be a viable solution. 1:1 meetings and joint calls encountered strong interest.


The conference was attended by 183 specialists–medical doctors, students and nurses. The largest numbers of participants were from Singapore, Germany and Switzerland.

A virtual library is available to participants for 6 weeks. Therein, they will find all the recorded presentations which they can use for further continuing education.

The conference was supported by several partners (universities and professional societies) on the basis of barter cooperation.

  • Live discussions after each unit of lectures
  • Break out rooms per 8 participants
  • Social wall with the option of posting professional photos and videos
  • Virtual lounge for 1:1 meetings
  • Virtual library