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A great day full of team spirit: GUARANT International organized an amazing teambuilding for its employees

We took advantage of the less busy summer season and enjoyed a great day of team spirit and fun on Monday, August 21. We started the day with a breakfast together at the City Conference Center, where the morning program was held. Breakfast was followed by an informative session by the shareholders who shared the latest news in the company. After this introductory session, we had a workshop focused on company culture. Employees had the opportunity to learn more about the company’s values and goals and discuss how they can carry them over into their daily work.

After lunch, we moved to the Pankrác Beach Club, where a number of sports activities were prepared. The main activity was a team tournament in beach volleyball, which was attended by 6 teams of three people. For those who are not fans of volleyball, a game of pétanque and a game of spike ball was prepared.

In the afternoon, light refreshments and homemade lemonade were provided. Late afternoon was spent in the spirit of awarding the winning volleyball teams and a joint barbecue. There was also a swimming pool and shower for refreshment at all times.

This whole memorable day was carefully organized by the IDEAS team and the HR department, for which we are extremely grateful. GUARANT International has proven that they not only professionally organize events for clients, but can also create memorable moments for their employees. This event definitely strengthened the bonds within the team and showed that good mood and cooperation are crucial for the success of the company. Would you like to spend a day like this with your team? There’s nothing easier than sending an enquiry to our IDEAS Director: