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Molecular Medicine in Transplantation 2023

The two-days symposium on Molecular Medicine in Transplantation was held in Prague on 30 and 31 March 2023. The event focused on the use of the MMDx molecular microscope in refining the diagnosis of transplanted organ rejection. IKEM is the first to use this technology in Europe and the third in the world after the USA and Canada. We had the honor of hosting Dr. Philip Halloran, from Canada and the Alberta Transplant Applied Genomics Centre, the founder of this cutting-edge institution.

The scientific program was divided into four main thematic areas – molecular assessment of kidney graft biopsies, molecular pathology in lung transplantation, molecular assessment of heart biopsies, and dd cf DNA in clinical practice. During the symposium, there was a rich discussion among the participants and sharing of experiences from their own medical practice. “The MMDx molecular microscope thus represents the future in improving diagnostics for transplant patients,” says Prof. Ondřej Viklický, the scientific guarantor of the event and Head of the Transplant Centre, IKEM.

The conference was held at the Hotel Grandior Prague, where accommodation was provided for the participants.

The meeting was attended by a total of 75 participants, most of whom came from Austria, Poland, and Germany.

The event was supported by 7 partners to whom we are extremely grateful. It is also worth mentioning the support of the symposium by the Society for Organ Transplantation SOT ČLS JEP and IKEM.

We would like to thank all those who contributed to the smooth running of this meeting, as well as all participants, exhibitors, or speakers.