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The 26th Hospital Pharmacy Congress was held in Ostrava

On the days 11.-13. November, the 26th Hospital Pharmacy Congress was held in Ostrava. Participants could join via a virtual platform or attend the conference physically in Ostrava. The hybrid form enabled a retrospective view of the parallel organized parts of the programme thanks to the offline recording. The congress was held in the Clarion Congress Hotel Ostrava.

The main topic of the conference was cardiovascular diseases with the aim of exploring the possibilities of how to contribute to the reduction of cardiovascular risks.

The technical program also included a workshop, satellite symposium, panel discussions and more. Even before the official start of the congress, 10.11. in the Clarion Congress Hotel Ostrava prepared a scientific program and an introductory meeting of experts. On Saturday 12.11. the opening ceremony of the congress took place in the morning and at the end of the day a social meeting of experts was held in the Clarion Hotel. On Sunday 13.11. the scientific program continued and ended with a thank you to all participants, speakers and partners.

A total of 722 participants took part in the Congress, which is a record attendance so far. Participants had the opportunity to discuss current treatment options to reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease.

Hereby, we would like to thank all the speakers, participants, partners and their support and everyone who participated in the organization of the congress. Last but not least, we thank the project manager Petra Smejkalá and the implementation team of GUARANT International.