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ESPA conference took place in virtual form this year

ESPA e-meeting 2020 took place on 21.10. – 23.10. and as the name implies, it was a completely virtual version of the annual ESPA conference.

Originally, the conference was to take place in the Portuguese city of Porto. Due to the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, it was clear that the conference could not take place physically. We therefore offered a solution to turn the event into a virtual form. The three-day virtual conference was the fastest, most convenient and most accessible way to pass on new knowledge to all experts in the field of pediatric anesthesiology. Experts addressed topics such as stratification of perioperative risk in children, perioperative thromboprophylaxis in children, or innovations in crisis anesthesia.

Our GI technical team helped 18 speakers and 7 chairmen prepare and test a week before the event. The conference had 3 sections, which contained 18 presentations. The lectures were pre-recorded with comments from speakers during the conference. This variant provides participants with the opportunity to play individual presentations even after the event. They can thus access the professional materials in a few weeks and months, which leads to continuous education. As part of the interaction of participants with lecturers, we prepared chat rooms, which were available after the end of individual presentations in the section.

Over three days, the meeting was attended by 1,390 experts from 74 countries. The United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Brazil had the largest representation. There was more interest in the conference from women, who made up 61% of registered participants. Over 500 followers registered during one lecture.

As part of the ESPA e-meeting 2020 a virtual exhibition was organized for partners and participants. It was attended by 4 companies.

We thank the client for their trust in organizing the conference in virtual form, all speakers and chairmen for their interesting contributions to the lectures, our partners and exhibitors for their support to organize ESPA e-meeting 2020 and project manager Romana Kluková and the whole technical team for a great job.