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Revival of congresses and events

How to organize a safe meeting from the perspective of GUARANT International?

The situation around COVID-19 is slowly beginning to return to normal, but the congress industry will have to deal with stricter security conditions for holding congresses and social events. We at GUARANT International put the safety of the event and our participants on the first place. That is why we have developed a set of current rules for holding a safe event and we regularly communicate with other entities in the field.

Venues and event organizers play a key role in reorganizing events. Taking all precautionary measures reduces the risk for all involved parties. We have divided the rules for a safe meeting into three categories:

  • Safe design
  • Technical safety
  • Medical safety


Safe design

Arrival of participants at a specified time or observance of intervals, the so-called safe social interaction are rules that fall into this category. Under the safe design of the event, you can imagine detailed processes in planning the event on the day of the event, a detailed program, the use of contactless payments or documents for the event in online form.

Technical safety

Technical security includes the physical conditions of individual venues. The minimum distances between the participants, hygienic conditions at the venue and hygienic conditions for catering and other suppliers are set. More frequent, let’s say above standard, disinfection of rooms and air conditioning, the correct placement of chairs and tables is an important point in maintaining negotiations on the event at this time in order to maintain hygienic requirements.

Medical safety

These rules are based mainly on the regulations of the Government of the Czech Republic and the WHO (World Health Organization), but it is up to individuals to be considerate of other participants and to observe these rules in the interest of their own safety and that of others. As part of the rules, the participants of the event will have to submit a declaration of infectivity, for example, upon arrival and their temperature will be measured contactlessly. Putting on a veil for the duration of the event is a matter of course. Participants will also be given a place, which will be only his throughout the event. Within 14 days after the end of the event, the participant will receive a questionnaire to find out if he / she has not shown symptoms of COVID-19.

Finally, the question arises, so despite stricter rules, is it possible to organize a meeting in the coming weeks, where the participant will not worry about his health? The answer is yes. With proper planning and adherence to all safety and hygiene rules, participants can once again enjoy the event live. We believe that the congress and event industry will once again begin to organize events so that people can meet again and pass on knowledge and take away positive experiences from the event that has just taken place.

We all look forward to gradually easing restrictions and returning to the inspiring world of face-to-face conferences.