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Cubex Centre Prague: Experience Beyond Imagination

On Tuesday, 5 March 2024, the multifunctional space Cubex Centre Prague hosted an exclusive event „Experience Beyond Imagination“, which brought participants into the territory of creativity and innovation.

At the heart of this event was Cubex Centre Prague, which presented itself as a centre combining modern technology with sustainable principles. AV MEDIA EVENTS, together with IDEAS by GUARANT International, took the participants to Beyond the Imagination, while IN CATERING took care of the gastronomic experience.

The event was attended by approximately 350 participants from various spheres, including end clients, agencies and business partners. Guests were treated to three main concepts presented in the largest rooms of the Cubex Centre Prague: the „World of Sustainability“, the „Chameleon Concept“ and, of course, „Experience Beyond Imagination“. These concepts uniquely combined different approaches and possibilities that can only be realized in Cubex Centre Prague using state-of-the-art technologies and in line with sustainability.

Furthermore, an event-wide competition for interesting prizes was prepared for the guests using an event app. Guests were greeted on site by an avatar created using artificial intelligence, which was just one of the many fascinating elements of the event.

In conclusion, the „Experience Beyond Imagination“ event exceeded all expectations and became an inspiring experience for all participants. The combination of innovative technology, sustainability and creativity at Cubex Centre Prague created an environment that not only exceeded the usual norms, but pushed them in a whole new direction.

The organizers of this event, AV MEDIA EVENTS, Cubex Centre Prague, IN CATERING and IDEAS by GUARANT International, deserve recognition for creating a platform for meeting and inspiration. We look forward to future events that will bring us more breakthrough ideas and experiences.