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Corporate Kick Off Meeting GUARANT International: New impulses and vision for 2024

Yesterday was not just an ordinary working day at the Cubex Center Prague in Pankrác. The entire GUARANT International team gathered for its traditional annual Kick Off Meeting.

The programme was kicked off with an energetic introduction, followed by presentations from the partners who not only reviewed the past year, but also took us through their visions and ambitions for 2024.

The highlight of the programme was a workshop on artificial intelligence, led by renowned expert Miloš Čermák. His presentation was not only interesting, but also funny, practical and inspiring. Miloš Čermák presented the use of artificial intelligence in the congress world, showing how this modern technology can improve efficiency at work. The workshop not only provided interesting information, but was also entertaining and educative. In the afternoon session, there were short presentations by the heads of each department who shared their plans for the coming year.

A pleasant surprise was the creative refreshments, which not only pleased our taste buds but also our eyes.

GUARANT International’s Corporate Kick Off Meeting thus not only strengthened our motivation and bonds among colleagues, but also opened new horizons and prepared us for the challenges that 2024 will bring.